You learned , you experience and you love it!!!
This was your  first step and if you liked it you can continue and improve your canyoning skills and knowledge. Montenegro Canyoning Center offers you a possibility to continue your education through a wide range of ICOpro canyoning courses.

montenegro canyoning
montenegro canyoning



Knowledge and skills you get vary with your interest and the training level you have chosen.

If you wish to be autonomous , to explore canyons through the world, get your certification and be worldwide recognized then  Canyoneer level 1-2-3 (CA3) training course will meet your expectations.


 Canyoning  is a lifestyle, change things for the better and become ICOpro Instructor.

Montenegro Canyoning Center through ICOpro professional courses enable the instructors to teach and certify the trainees all over the world.  Be an ICO pro Instructor means be skilled , have a knowledge and reputation.  With ICOpro Instructor title you can easily find a job in any affiliated canyoning center  all over the world. We offer not only canyoning trips but knowledge, skills and internationally  recognized status of ICOpro professionals.




Montenegro Canyoning  is the first registered Canyoning Center in Montenegro. Canyoning in Montenegro  with us is Safe and Fun!