• Medjurjecje canyon rating is V3 A2 II
  • 8 waterfalls, 4 jumps and natural water slides.
  • Recommendations, canyoning conditions and price of the trip. 


Canyon Medjurjecje

Canyon Medjurjecje is our first pick and adventure not to miss. Canyon is located close to town  Bar . The tour itself consists of walking ,  jumping from 3-7m high cliffs (optional), sliding  and rappelling. Canyon scenery is  fantastic, dramatic and beautiful with a perfect  balance between walking in the river and passing the waterfalls.
Canyon Međurječje is perhaps your first canyoning experience but not the last one for sure. This adventure is going to make you Canyoning addicted.


Recommendations, canyoning conditions and price of the trip.


  • To enroll you need to be at list 14 years old in good health and able to swim.
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Moderate level of fitness required.
  • Highest vertical is 31m, 4  jumps( the highest is 7m -optional) ,water exposure is negligible.
  • Descent duration is approximately  4h (depends of the group).
  • Starting point- parking place distance  is 15 minutes long walk. Exit point- parking place distance  is 15 minutes long walk.
  • Car transfer from Montenegro Canyoning Center to the canyon last less than 1h(one way).


What is included and what is the price of  Medjurjecje canyoning trip ?


  • Instructions on abseiling techniques for beginners according to ICO pro international Canyoning standards.
  • Wet  suite, canyoning shoes + full set of Personal Protection Equipment  ( helmet, harness and all other technical gear).
  • Supervision by professional ICO pro guide and assistant.

The Medjurjecje canyoning trip cost is 115e

Note - Extra fees for car transfer

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